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"Talking Rocks"

Once upon a time, there was a very violent explosion in our outer space. With this episode very large pieces of planets were colliding and bouncing around. Two large pieces seemed to have bumped each other just outside earth atmosphere. One piece spun in a clockwise direction and struck the western hemisphere. This rock carried a lot of volume while the other rock seems to have just got stuck out there and we call that the moon. The same short span of time quite a few thousand more smaller pieces of meteorites laid waste to the western side of the world all the way from the north pole to the south pole.

The meteorite that struck the most northern part of Canada at the time left a very large explosion zone. The layer of white rock that the Yukon Gold Miners try to find is where the pebble gold lies. This is all toss out from impact and the top of the mountains where gold veins were were later knocked down by huge massive chunks of ice.

As this meteorite went into the world, it was tossing out it's contents. It would mostly would throw large volumes when it would strike an older shear zone. This meteorite consisted of platinum, palladium, gold, nickel, copper, cobalt, some silver, and approximately 90 other minerals. This was so large that it expanded the size of the earth by maybe up to 1 more third of it's volume. In certain places this toss up from the meteorite threw up lumps and mounds in places that have no other land forms around them. The angle it entered earth and moved into it brought it directly underneath Quesnel B.C.

When it passed Underneath it left it's mark here by it's heat values and it's disruptive throw out. So when you start up in Alaska and you pick the rocks from there down to Quesnel there aren't really that many of them. This all changes at Pinnacle Park. The different number of rocks change because of the explosions there. Once you get into town on west side and look across the bottom corner where the Quesnel river meets the Frazer you see a mountain side of very hot rocks.

Here at one time, I believe we had hydro thermal veins. When you go to the Northeast corner of Dragon Lake there is rock quarry there (fabulous by the way). The rocks here also pretty hot. Now when you look at the gravels along the river bed of the Quesnel river, as the water goes under the main bridge you start to find new rocks. So the numbers go up again.

One of these rocks is called Magnetite. Then three and half miles north or south fro there you find more of the same rocks except,they're called hematite. The reason for this is because of the source of rock that they came from and the heat values that was applied to them as the meteorite passed underneath. From this area going East up river the number of rocks multiply again. This is caused by material that was tossed out of the main meteorite and pushed up into different fractured zones. All the house rock from here on is fractured rock.

When you get to where the big canyon changes to the little canyon there is to more rocks to add to the list. This material also part of the meteorite was pushed up into the clay banks here and made by heat and pressure into conglomerate types of stones. This house rock is green stone with major minerals infused together. To the north by ten miles is very hard shiny green stone, this also caused by heat pressure and upward thrust. Up near the top of the large canyon a shear zone here produced tiny pieces of fools chrome. This is the beginning of visual recognition of the main vain. Because of the push up the vein runs along the base of the main push up. This is what I call the anomalies line.

Two miles up these loops at the fourth one there is two large mountain slopes coming out of three treacherous valleys. This is the start of one of the largest copper showings that I have seen in BC. You follow the loops another half mile or so and they disappear into a graveled flood zone. When you get to the other side and refined the end of the main vein it is where your anomalies begins again. Here we have real chrome. The major carrier for all of these minerals is a white substance that I believe is argulite this is not quartz as per say the miners call it here.

In all of this but only in tiny certain spots is a very unique layer of volcanic ash. This came out of the volcano that blew out two miles North of the cabin on the Quesnel river at this point. Because of this layer we add on another three to five minerals (rocks).

If you start with a shovel kick a few rocks stick to it like a bulldog. Don't let liars cheaters thieves or 8 out of ten personal who call themselves geologists sway you this is not a very strange rock. Within a few days we shall have the list of the rocks for all to view.

           Thanks stay positive.

      "Talking Rocks" Careful where you kick
"Talking Rocks Part 2"

Heres the story about the rocks. I worked at the top mines in Stewart and Hider area. I've studied some of the rocks there (in lab) and also kinda dealt with them all my life so I ecided that the earth was formed in some mysteries ways, So heres the rocks.

Most rocks in most each area have their own characteristic being. Each rock has it's own meaning and reason for being there. The most common rock in BC is greenstone. We call this house rock or host rock. I have taken each rock in order in the way I found them and by the way the meterorite left them behind as it moved through BC.

These rocks are examples of rocks found in outer explosion zone.

When you get into Quesnel Area the number different rocks really start to add up. This was caused by presure heat ice mainly volcanos.

The rocks here have all the various colors ar e derived from various minerals and heat.

These rocks are (host Rocks) that have been formed here by fishers (cracks in the outer ground) as new molten ore pushed up into this cooled suddenly and had a lot of presure up above them.

This rocks are formed by upthrust presure, heat. This is clay with folage cooked right into the outside layer of rock.

These rocks are all made of the major minerals that come in with the spining meterorite.

These rocks are formed from volcanic explosions.
Note: different minerals in each rock same volcano different explosions.

These rocks are from another volcano ten miles away. Volcanic rocks totally different minerals

Heres some rocks from Black Sand Creek these rocks are made from a vein structure that rides alongside of a major nickel vein. This is where we get most if not all the black sands in these area.

Here are more rocks that are formed from various minerals and pushed up of the main veins through fishers and cooled suddenly.

Here are rocks from main ore body (see visable gold, copper,) quite a rare sight in most of Canada.

Hydrothermal rock found on edge of volcanic zone.

            Note this one containing diamond in the top left corner.---------->
So by looking at the rocks it says this is how Kitimat got it's alluminum. the golden triangle got it's gold and copper.
Barkerville wards camp Spanish mountain and many others ended up with various amounts of minerals.

Happy Mining and stop and look at the rock you just kicked. Quite the story, eh?

More pictures to come.
With a whole lot of different idea, rocks, cap rock for nickel vein, rocks that look and size up nearly the same size
but found 20 miles apart, With a weight difference of 2+ ounces, a dark side of the moon actually makes sense. If one planet
(without minerals) was struck and left in earth orbit like our moon then the pice that entered earth left alot of metal on this
side of the moon and our magnetic pull, that of mars and maybe the suns is just enough to keep it smiling at us.

Well keep kicking rocks it's just ok now.
Part 3

Well the rocks I picked this year was exactly what I knew had to be there from all my studies so far. This year I've found samples all along on my annomilly map.

My first sample at 39.6 grams per ton, bottom end of sheeer zone. This splitsout into hundreds of hard rock ridges hanglings north to east and eventually south east. My second hard rock sample 1/4 miles north looks really rich in chrominium and gold. Having sample tested now.

So far it seems like at least 3 uiews of gold on left side of major vein and up to 11 views of gold on right side all withon 3/4 of a mile. he veins feed all of the mountains range. Left side of highlin creek,vill, all mountains right over to as far as I can tell Harvey Creek.

This year I belive that I've found 3 different colors of diamonds. Green white and purple. This all started by kickin' three rocks way up in Alaska down to Quesnel B.C.

Greenstone, Magnetite and Hemnautite. I own 1000% of 6.5 miles of this anomilly, very large copper showin, 1.5 foot Ruby view, and a large chrome showing. This is most likly the rithest claim in the caribou district I have discovered the mother load of gold for the Barkerville mines aswell as the lode for Quesnel River Gold Mine. I am now looking for a large mining company to come and see what I have got here and invest wth me.

Thank the lord, jesus and mother mary cause thats where it all started.

The end.

From the luckiest guy in Canada,
P.S. keep kickin' rocks!

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